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“Every CASA makes a difference in the lives of the children they serve. Every report, every visit, every court appearance improves the quality of life for these children.”

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Guidelines for Volunteers

Continuing Education

CEC Calendar
Continuing Education Credit Policy (pdf)
CASA Library Books (pdf)

Forms, Instructions and Guidelines

Court Report Instructions template  (pdf)
Optima Advocate Written Instructions (pdf)
Optima Advocate Quick Instructions (pdf)
Optima Advocates Screen Shot Instructions (pdf)
Advocate Reminders (pdf)
Child Visits Guidelines (pdf)

Casey Life Skills Assessments

Casey Life Skills Post Secondary or Training Assessment (pdf)
Casey Life Skills Homeless Youth Assessment (pdf)
Casey Life Skills High School Assessment (pdf)
Casey Life Skills Descriptions of Additional Assessments (pdf)
Casey Life Skills Assessment (pdf)

Child Development Resources

Brain Development (pdf)
Child Development Chart Birth to 21 yrs (pdf)
Developmental Checklists Birth to 5 (pdf)
Pre-School Motor, Adaptive, Sensory Checklist (pdf)

Child Welfare Partner Links

National CASA Website
Illinois CASA Website
Online Resources (pdf)

DCFS Older Youth Resources

DCFS Illinois Foster Child and Youth Foster Bill of Rights (pdf)
DCFS Education and Training Voucher Application (pdf)
DCFS Employment Incentive Application (pdf)
DCFS GetGoal'dHandbook (pdf)
DCFS Getting There Tip Sheets (pdf)
DCFS GPA Improvement Plan (pdf)
DCFS YIC & VT Application (pdf)
DCFS Youth_Transition_Plan (pdf)LGBTQ


School Enrollment and Placement Guidance

Optima School Grade Types

Empowerment Program Resources

What is the CASA Empowerment Program? (pdf)
Empowerment Program Application
Empowerment Program Funding Request

General Resources

LGBTQ+ Terminology

Guardianship/Adoption Resources

DCFS Booklet Making Adoption or Guardianship Decision (pdf)
DCFS Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (pdf)
DuPage Resources for Guardians (pdf)

Northwestern Medicine Advocate Assistance Program

General information
Work-Life Website

Training Manual and Advocate Policies

CASA Advocate Handbook (pdf)

ICJIA Discrimination Policy